Job Descriptions


Administrator of  Maintenance & Operations
Administrator of  Transportation 
Assistant Director, Facilities Planning
Assistant Director, Fiscal Services
Assistant Director, Human Resources
Assistant Principal - Alternative Education
Assistant Principal - Elementary School 
Assistant Principal - High School
Assistant Principal - Middle School
Assistant Principal - Irvine Academy

Assistant Superintendent, Business Services 
Assistant Superintendent, Education Services
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
Chief Financial Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Coordinator, Summer School, Secondary

Coordinator I, Early Childhood Education

Coordinator I, Gifted Programs and Advanced Learners

Coordinator I, Primary Instruction

Coordinator II, Academic and Behavioral Interventions 

Coordinator II, Alternative Education

Coordinator II, Assessment and Evaluation

Coordinator II, Autism Services

Coordinator II, BTSA Director

Coordinator II, Educational Related Mental Health Services

Coordinator II, English Language Arts

Coordinator II, Guidance Resources
Coordinator II, Health Services

Coordinator II, Mathematics

Coordinator II, Mental Health and Crisis Intervention

Coordinator II, Public Information Officer

Coordinator II, Science
Coordinator II, Social Science-Content Literacy

Coordinator II, Transition Programs
Coordinator IV, Assessment & Evaluation

Coordinator IV, Education Services

Coordinator IV, Online Learning
Coordinator IV, Prevention and Intervention

Coordinator IV, Special Education

Coordinator IV, Student Services 
Director II, Nutrition Service
Director III, Administrative Services

Director III, English Language Arts/Social Science/Literacy

Director III, Informal Dispute Resolution Specialist

Director III, Information Services 
Director III, Maintenance & Operations

Director III - Risk Manager

Director III - Special Education

Director III - Science Technology, Engineering & Math (S.T.E.M.)

Director IV, Alternative Education

Director V, Elementary Education

Director V, Fiscal Support Services

Director V, Human Resources

Director V, Secondary Education
Executive Director, Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Learning
Executive Director, Elementary Education

Executive Director, Facilities Planning and Construction Services
Executive Director, Secondary Education

Executive Director, Special Education/SELPA
Executive Director, Student Support Programs 
Principal - Elementary School
Principal - High School

Principal - K-8 
Principal - Middle School
Preschool Administrator
Program Administrator, Childcare/Preschool Program
Program Administrator - Family Resource Center
Program Administrator, School Readiness
Program Specialist
Program Specialist - Autism/Behavior

Psychologist, RTI 

certificated - teacher


Accounting Technician

Administrative Assistant - Nutrition Services 
Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Administrative Secretary

Analyst: Information Technology

Analyst: Special Education

Analyst II: Human Resources

Analyst II: Information Technology - State Reporting 
Assessment Assistant

Athletic Trainer

Behavioral Counseling Specialist - Special Education 
Bindery Assistant
Braille Transcriber 
Building Inspector - Class I 
Bus Driver/Router
Campus Control Assistant III 

Campus Control Assistant IV

Campus Safety Assistant
Career Guidance Paraprofessional I
Career Guidance Paraprofessional II
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant - COTA
Clerk I 
Clerk II 
Clerk II - Print Shop

Clerk II - Receptionist/Mail
Clerk III 
Clerk IV 

Clinical Mental Health Specialist - General Education

Community Liaison/Language Specialist
Community Services Specialist
Computer Lab Technician
Computer LAN Technician
Computer Support Specialist III
Computer Support Specialist IV
Confidential Secretary
Confidential Technician
Construction Project Supervisor
Construction Services Technician

Custodian - PE Equipment

Custodian II - Day
Custodian II - Night
Custodian II - Weekend
Custodian IV - Head Custodian Elementary
Custodian V - Head/Middle/Lead

Data Tech I
Database Specialist III

Database Specialist IV
Delivery Driver - Warehouse Person II 
Dispatcher II
Early Childhood Education Specialist

Early Childhood Parenting Coordinator

Early Childhood Preschool Teacher

Early Childhood Program Assistant 
Executive Assistant
Facilities Planner
Facilities Planning Technician
Facilities Project Accountant

Facilities Support Technician 

Facility Use/Energy/Security Technician
Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst - Construction 

Financial Analyst II - Construction

Foreman - Custodial

Foreman - HVAC

Foreman II - Paint

Foreman I - Publications Services

Foreman I - Safety/Security

Foreman I - Warehouse

Foreman II - Custodial 
Foreman II - Grounds 
Foreman II - HVAC 
Foreman III - Structural Maintenance 

Groundskeeper II -Specialist
Groundskeeper III
Groundskeeper III - Irrigation Specialist

Groundskeeper IV - Chemical Spray Applicator 

Groundskeeper IV - Equipment Operator 
Groundskeeper IV - Senior Irrigation Specialist

Guidance Assistant 
Guidance Paraprofessional I
Guidance Paraprofessional II
Head Maintenance Technician - Audio-Visual / Communication

Head Maintenance Technician Building System Specialist

Head Maintenance Technician-Electrical/Communication 
Head Maintenance Technician-Locksmith Foreman

Head Maintenance Technician-Plumbing

Head Maintenance Technician - Structural Foreman
Head Maintenance Technician - Vehicle Equipment Repair

Health Clerk 

Human Resources Technician
Instructional Assistant
Instructional Assistant - Preschool 
Instructional Assistant - Music
Instructional Assistant-Resource 
Instructional Assistant - Special Education
Instructional Assistant - Title I 
Instructional Assistant and Behavioral Tutor

Instructional Assistant - Lead Behavior Tutor - ABA Assist

Interpreter/Bilingual Language Support

Interpreter/Tutor for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
Job Coach
Lead Custodial Technician
Lead Grounds Technician 
Lead Press Operator
Maintenance Short - Term
Maintenance Technician I - Utility (Night)

Maintenance Tech II - Utility
Maintenance Tech III
Maintenance Tech III - Instrument Repair 
Maintenance Tech IV - General Maintenance 
Maintenance Tech IV - Electrician
Maintenance Tech IV - Materials

Maintenance Tech IV - Utility 
Maintenance Tech IV - Vehicle/Equipment Repair
Maintenance Tech V - Security/Communication

Maintenance Tech V - Journeyman Carpenter

Maintenance Tech V - Journeyman HVAC

Maintenance Tech V - Nutrition Services/HVAC Equipment Repairman 

Maintenance Tech V - Painter
Maintenance Tech V - Trades Journeyman Electrician
Maintenance Tech V - Trades Journeyman Locksmith
Maintenance Tech V - Trades Journeyman Plumber 
Maintenance Tech V - Transportation Technician/Vehicle Repair

Maintenance Tech VI - Controls Specialist HVAC

Maintenance Tech VI - HVAC
Maintenance Tech VI - HVAC/Nutrition Services 
Maintenance Tech VI - Trades Journeyman Carpenter
Maintenance Tech VI - Trades Journeyman Electrician
Maintenance Tech VI - Trades Journeyman Locksmith

Maintenance Tech VI - Trades Journeyman Painter

Maintenance Tech VI - Trades Journeyman Plumber
Maintenance Tech VI - Trades Journeyman Welder
Maintenance Tech VI - Transportation Technician, Vehicle and Equipment Repair 
Media Tech I
Media Tech II

Network Specialist I
Network Specialist II
Network Specialist IV
Noon Duty Assistant

Nutrition Services Assistant I

Nutrition Services Assistant II - Central Kitchen 
Nutrition Services Assistant II - Elementary
Nutrition Services Assistant II - Faculty
Nutrition Services Assistant II - Middle & High School
Nutrition Services Assistant III - Central Kitchen
Nutrition Services Assistant III - High School

Nutrition Services Assistant III - Middle School 
Nutrition Services Assistant IV - Central Kitchen 

Nutrition Services Warehouse Delivery Person

Occupational Therapist

Office Technician I

Payroll Technician

Payroll Lead Technician 
P.E. Paraprofessional
Physical Therapist
Plant Supervisor
Programmer/Analyst II
Programmer/Analyst III
Publications Technician II

Purchasing Agent 
Records Technician I - Alternative Education 
Safety and Security Technician II
School Activities Account Technician 
Secretary I

Senior Lead Grounds Technician 
Specialist: Assessment
Specialist: Attendance
Specialist:  Categorical Programs

Specialist: Construction Services

Specialist: Early Childhood Grant Program

Specialist: Elementary Counseling

Specialist: Information Technology 
Specialist: Insurance/Mandated Cost/Contract Services

Specialist: Nutrition Services 

Specialist: Purchasing
Specialist: Student Information Systems - Special Education 

Specialist: Workers' Compensation/Benefits

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant 

Supervisor - Behavior Specialist

Supervisor - Career Link Grant Programs
Supervisor - Construction Services
Supervisor - Custodial Services 
Supervisor - Facilities Planning
Supervisor - Facilities/Construction 

Supervisor - Facilities/Purchasing

Supervisor - Grounds Service

Supervisor - Maintenance Planne

Supervisor - Nutritionist - Nutrition Services
Supervisor - Nutrition Services  I
Supervisor - Nutrition Services II
Supervisor - Nutrition Services III

Supervisor - Payroll
Supervisor - Safety/Security & Operations Support Services

Supervisor - Energy Project Manager/Sustainability 

Supervisor - Technology Support

Supervisor - Warehouse

Supervisor - Warehouse/Publication Services

Systems Administrator I

Systems Administrator III

Transportation Account Clerk/Driver

Transportation Dispatcher 
Utility Substitute - Day or Night Schedules

Warehouse Lead Technician  

Web and Digital Media Developer I