District Overview

Located in Orange County, California, the Irvine Unified School District is committed to providing the highest quality educational experience we can envision for our more than 36,000 TK-12 students in one early childhood learning center, 24 elementary schools, five K-8 schools, six middle schools, five high schools, one alternative high school and two virtual academies. Since becoming a school district in 1972, IUSD schools have been nationally recognized for comprehensive programs in academics, the arts, and athletics. Through a partnership with talented and caring teachers, engaged students, involved parents, and supportive business and community leaders, student and district performance continually exceeds state and national standards.  A district wide strategic plan outlines IUSD’s mission to enable all students to become contributing members of society, empowered with the skills, knowledge and values necessary to meet the challenges of a changing world.

In addition to nationally recognized schools, IUSD’s diverse student population consistently outperforms state and national averages, while benefiting from comprehensive programs in academics, the arts and athletics.

As part of Irvine's master-planned community in which schools are placed at the heart of each neighborhood, IUSD schools uniquely reflect the neighborhoods they serve. Open enrollment policies for IUSD students and families, on a space-available basis, encourage and support parental choice. 

Local Control Accountability Plan District Overview and Goals
LCAP District Overview and Goals


Fastest Growing School District in California

  • Since 2012, IUSD has opened and/or begun construction on nine state-of-the-art schools.  New schools include:   
    • 2012 – Jeffrey Trail Middle School
    • 2014 – Cypress Village Elementary School
    • 2015 – Portola Springs Elementary School
    • 2016 – Portola High School
    • 2016 – Beacon Park School (K-8)
    • 2017 – Eastwood Elementary School
    • 2018 – Cadence Park School (K-8)
    • 2019 – Loma Ridge Elementary School
    • 2022 – Solis Park School (K-8)

Providing Upgrades to “Older Schools” 

Measure E, a locally controlled funding source, was passed by voters in June 2016 and provides IUSD with a maximum available bond issuance of $319 million. The bond issuances occur in multiple funding series over 12 years and provide funding for facilities improvements to 28 of the District's 40 schools.

Bringing all schools up to a similar standard not only supports educational equity for all students but it protects the outstanding quality of education for which IUSD schools are known. Measure E projects are focused on facility and technology infrastructure modernization; upgrades to classrooms, science labs and high school theaters; the creation of collaborative learning spaces; the development of innovation labs; enhanced accessibility; and other upgrades to improve safety, comfort and the learning environment for students.

Offering Flexible Options for Our Families 

IUSD Virtual Academies (IVA) are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of students, who benefit from a non-traditional classroom environment. Similar to the District’s brick and mortar schools, IVA students have access to IUSD curriculum in a collaborative environment with experienced and talented teachers. However, through a blend of real-time synchronous (live) and independent asynchronous (offline) learning, IVA students work in a flexible environment that is tailored to meet and support their educational needs from home.

For more information on IUSD Virtual Academies, visit the websites for elementary students and for middle/high school students.  

College and Career-Focused

Higher education opportunities are also readily available for IUSD students. The University of California, Irvine is a conveniently located university campus. UCI and the Irvine Unified School District enjoy a long-standing and mutually beneficial, collaborative working relationship. In addition, Irvine Valley College is centrally located and provides a highly-respected two-year community college program. Satellite campuses for Pepperdine University and National University are also located within the City of Irvine, serving the residents of the community. 

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