Legislative Priorities

Legislative action is absolutely critical to the success of the Irvine Unified School District. As such, our Board of Education and administration welcome your support in communicating our district's needs to the policymakers who can impact our financial stability and program efficacy. This page is designed to help you participate in this important process.

Our legislative priorities

Here's a good place to start. Click on this link to access a two-page flyer outlining IUSD's current legislative priorities. This PDF document, which was designed to be printed and shared with legislators, includes facts about our district and a primer on school finance.

the people who serve iusd

Not sure which federal and state officials serve your area? Simply click here and enter your Zip code in the box marked "FIND YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS." You can then click on the desired official to view his or her information.

the latest information

Want to find out how California's budget is impacting IUSD? Visit IUSD News and click on the category marked "Budget."

additional resources

Here are some other links you may find useful.