Mindful Monday: Career Exploration Through CTE

Mindful Monday Feb. 13 CTE

In recognition of Career Technical Education (CTE) Month, this week’s Mindful Monday is focused on the benefits of CTE.  IUSD’s College and Career Readiness Coordinator, Ulises Garcia shares how CTE not only offers hands-on learning, career exploration and job readiness skills but it can also help create a positive outlook, foster greater connections to school, boost self-esteem and increase confidence.  Taking time to explore passions and interests can benefit students’ overall social/emotional wellbeing. 

As we observe CTE Month, IUSD recognizes and supports the valuable role that CTE plays in preparing our future workforce and supporting important skills and attitudes that extend beyond the classroom.

Mindful Monday Feb. 13 CTE










To learn more about CTE, visit iusd.org/CTE or reach out to your school’s counselors.  Pathways include:

 Nearly all pathways offer certifications. 

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