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Students in the horticulture program develop skills in the agriculture and soil science pathway. Join us in the outdoor garden in this team building, project based learning course as students explore vegetable and herb gardening, hydroponics, and landscape design. Students learn about California agriculture, agricultural business, technologies, natural resources, plant and soil sciences while developing professional skills transferable to any career.


Program Details

Introductory and advanced courses are offered in the Horticulture program.

Horticulture: An introduction course in which students participate in garden design and maintenance. Students learn the foundation skills in horticulture, plant growth, soils, plant diseases, pest management, California native plants and gardening tools and techniques.

Advanced Horticulture: A project based learning course. Topics include vermicomposting and environmental issues and the horticulture business, such as plant production for local companies, plant sales, holiday designs, soil science, and plant propagation. Students learn about water-wise sustainable practices, landscaping with California native plants, and greenhouse design and maintenance.


Participating Schools

This program is offered at Northwood High School.

Curriculum Standards


Coastline ROP (Regional Occupation Program): The district's partnership with Coastline ROP provides opportunities for students to explore careers in all fifteen CA recognized industry sectors through after school and summer courses. These opportunities include courses in Agriculture and many other high demand careers, such as Healthcare, Retail Sales, EMT and Sports Medicine, and internships in a variety of industry sector courses. Coastline ROP

Post Secondary Education: See your Counselor or the ROP Coordinator for more information about post-secondary options in Horticulture and the Agriculture and Natural Resource industry.