Culinary Arts

Thumbnail descriptionA Culinary Arts pathway is offered at Northwood High School and Creekside Education Center. After School Coastline ROP Culinary Arts courses are offered at the Creekside Education Center. The Culinary Arts program consists of introductory to advanced courses. Students have opportunities to work with state of the art equipment as they learn key aspects of the industry and get hands-on experience through work-based learning projects. Kitchen activities include demonstrations, experiments, and cooking a variety of cultural foods and desserts. They learn from industry experts through guest speakers, field trips, and virtual networking platforms. The teamwork and interpersonal skills learned in Culinary Arts are will be assets in any career or college major.

Program Details

Introductory through advanced courses are offered:

Intro to Culinary Arts: Students learn foundational culinary skills; equipment usage, kitchen safety and sanitation, knife skills, knowledge of mise en place, following a recipe, and measurements and conversions.

Foods: Students learn food preparation, kitchen and meal management and the relationship of diet and nutrition to health.

Advanced Culinary Arts: Students global cuisines and advanced techniques in food preparation. They also learn table and plate presentations. Add paragraph space and bold the paragraph title below

Baking and Pastry Fundamentals: Students learn the principles and techniques needed to work successfully in the baking industry. Using industry quality equipment and standards, students learn techniques in making breads, pastries, cakes and mousses. They also learn table and plate presentations.


Participating Schools

A Culinary Arts pathway is offered during the bell schedule at Northwood High School and at Creekside Education Center. After school Coastline-ROP Culinary Arts courses are available to all students in the district at the new kitchen facilities, with its state of the art equipment, at the Creekside Education Center.

Curriculum Standards


Coastline ROP (Regional Occupation Program): The district's partnership with Coastline ROP provides opportunities for students to explore careers in all fifteen CA recognized industry sectors through after school and summer courses. These opportunities include courses in Culinary Arts and many other high demand careers, such as Healthcare, Retail Sales, EMT and Sports Medicine, and internships in a variety of industry sector courses. Coastline ROP
Post Secondary Education: See your Counselor or the ROP Coordinator for more information about post-secondary options in the Culinary Arts pathway.