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The Digital Media and Video, TV/Film production industry sectors employ creative professionals and enterprises that use original ideas to create innovative products or unique experiences related to communication through visual media and film. Creativity oriented careers are found in any business requiring design or communications specialists. The communication, creativity and innovation skills students learn in these courses crossover to all industries. Students use state of the art camera equipment and software to produce professional quality products. Each high school has a film studio for creating broadcast news programs.

Program Details

Digital Media Arts: Courses include Graphic Arts, Computer Graphics, Digital Media and Visual Imagery. Students develop digital photography skills, and graphic arts skills using industry standard equipment and software. Project portfolios, marketing brochures, catalogs, event fliers and posters, business cards, web page layouts, media announcements, and manual are just a few products where skills in visual imagery and graphic design are valuable assets. Creativity and design skills are learned as students develop skills in composition and visual design, such as typography and layout, logo, brand design, and color theory.

Video Production: From writing a script to shooting and editing film, student teams work together on a variety of projects to create professional quality videos. They develop technical skills by operating industry standard equipment and editing software. 

Broadcast News: Students create weekly or bi-monthly broadcasts throughout the school year. Broadcast segments include promotions of on-campus events, students recognitions, current news on campus and around the city of Irvine Art of

Art of TV/Film and Advanced Video: Students participate in work-based learning opportunities through industry connections, such as the Orange County Film Festival. With over 700 people in attendance, the OCFF has become a widely anticipated event in Southern California that has received recognition nationwide.

Participating Schools

This program is offered at Creekside High School, Irvine High School, Northwood High School, Portola High School, University High School and Woodbridge High School.


San Joaquin High School offers a blended learning, Computer Graphics course.

Curriculum Standards


Coastline ROP (Regional Occupation Program): The district's partnership with Coastline ROP provides opportunities for students to explore careers in all fifteen CA recognized industry sectors through after school and summer courses. These opportunities include Computer Graphics, Visual Imagery, Video Production and courses in many other high demand careers. Coastline ROP

Orange County Film Festival: Students in the advanced video and TV/Film courses have opportunities to participate in a variety of regional events to showcase their work. Orange County Film Festival

Post Secondary Education: See your Counselor or the ROP Coordinator for more information about post-secondary options in the Digital Media Arts and Video and TV/Film pathways.