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The information Communication Technologies (ICT) pathway includes computer science and web design courses. Students learn how to be a technology creator, rather than a technology user. Students learn the technical and professional skills applicable to any business and industry that relies on computer networks and software for daily operation. The creativity and problem solving skills learned in the ICT pathway courses have applications in almost every career and are useful in college and university coursework. Students learn how to be a technology creator, rather than a technology user.


Program Details

Information Communication Technologies Pathway Introductory and advanced courses are offered.

Computer Science: All Irvine Unified high schools offer a course in AP Computer Science. While AP Computer Science is a college level course, it is designed to serve as a student's first course in computer science for students with no prior computer science experience. A computer science pathway with an introductory course and a new AP Computer Science Principles course is offered at Woodbridge High School. Several high school programs integrate robotics within the course, including opportunities to participate in the UC Davis C-STEM competitions.

Web Site Development: Enroll in Irvine High School's Website Development courses and learn how to design and create web sites using html and a variety of website development applications.

Participating Schools

AP Computer Science is offered at Irvine High School, Northwood High SchoolUniversity High School and Woodbridge High School

Computer Science (introductory course) and AP Computer Science Principles are offered at Woodbridge High School.

Website Development is offered at Irvine High School.

Curriculum Standards

CA CTE Information Technology Curriculum Standards

CA Standards for Career Readiness


Coastline ROP (Regional Occupation Program): The district's partnership with Coastline ROP provides opportunities for students to explore careers in all fifteen CA recognized industry sectors through after school and summer courses. These opportunities include courses in Information Communication Technologies and many other high demand careers, such as Healthcare, Retail Sales, EMT and Sports Medicine, and internships in a variety of industry sector courses. Coastline ROP

Post Secondary Education: See your Counselor or the ROP Coordinator for more information about post-secondary options in the ICT Pathway.