The Board of Education (Board) intends that technological resources provided by the District (District Technology) be used in a safe and responsible manner in support of the instructional program and for the advancement of student learning. The Board recognizes employee access to District Technology is essential to provide quality programs; facilitate communications with parents/guardians, students, and the community; support District and school operations; and improve access to and exchange of information. District Technology includes, but is not limited to, equipment, software, online resources, infrastructure, communication systems, and future technological innovations.  

Employees shall be responsible for the appropriate use of technology and shall use District Technology for purposes related to their employment. Expectations related to responsible and safe use of District Technology apply regardless of the location or device through which it is accessed.  The Board expects all employees to learn to use the available technological resources that will assist them in the performance of their employment responsibilities. As needed, employees shall receive professional development from the District in the appropriate use of these resources. 

The Superintendent or designee shall notify employees about authorized uses of District Technology, user obligations and responsibilities, appropriate conduct, and consequences for unauthorized use and/or unlawful activities in accordance with this Board Policy and the District's Acceptable Use Agreement.  All employees using these resources shall receive instruction from the District annually in their proper and appropriate use.

The Superintendent or designee shall implement rules and procedures designed to restrict access to harmful or inappropriate matter on the internet and prevent engagement in unauthorized or unlawful online activities. Employees shall not use District Technology to access, post, submit, publish, or display harmful or inappropriate matter that is threatening, obscene, disruptive, sexually explicit, unethical or that promotes any activity prohibited by law, Board Policy, or Administrative Regulation.  District employees are expected to review the technological resources and online sites that will be used in the classroom or assigned to students in order to ensure that they are appropriate for the intended purpose and the age of the students.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that all District devices with student internet access have a technology protection measure that protects against access to visual depictions that are obscene or harmful to minors and that the operation of such measures are enforced. (20 USC 7131; 47 USC 254)  Although the District makes its best effort to filter online content, the District is not responsible for the failure of any technology protection measures.  The Superintendent or designee may disable the technology protection measure during use by an adult to enable access for bona fide research or other lawful purpose. 

The District reserves the right to monitor employee use of technology within the jurisdiction of the District without advance notice or consent. Records related to employee use of District Technology are not private and may be accessed by the District for the purpose of ensuring proper use and safety. Employees have no reasonable expectation of privacy in use of District Technology. Records maintained on any personal device or messages sent or received on a personal device that is being used to conduct District business may be subject to disclosure, pursuant to a subpoena or other lawful request.

Individuals and organizations (Non-Employees) may be provided access to District Technology to support the instructional program or District operations.  Non-Employees shall be responsible for adhering to the same expectations of appropriate and responsible use as District employees.

Inappropriate use of District Technology may result in a suspension or termination of user privileges, increased supervision of the employee’s use of District Technology as appropriate, disciplinary action, and/or legal action in accordance with law, Board Policy, and Administrative Regulation. 


Policy Adopted: May 2, 2023

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