School or district communication vehicles or publications may accept paid advertising or statements of commercial sponsorship except for that prohibited by law, by district policy, or by administrative regulation. The Superintendent or designee may prohibit advertisements or statements of commercial sponsorship that are inconsistent with school objectives and do not reasonably relate to the educational purpose of school-sponsored communications vehicles or activities. The Superintendent or designee may also limit the size, format, and content of direct advertisements and/or statements of commercial sponsorship. (See Board Policy 2400(a) - Distribution of Materials.)

Instructional spaces, or other school spaces students are asked to occupy during the school day, as well as instructional materials, shall be free of advertising unless exempted by the Superintendent or designee.

Paid advertisements can be accepted for inclusion in those publications that are optionally purchased by students or parents, and/or are primarily intended for a special interest parent audience. Paid advertisements may be posted in spaces or facilities during athletic practices, or during time periods when spaces or facilities are used for non-instructional purposes and students are not required to be in attendance. The inclusion of such advertising shall not imply district endorsement of any identified commercial products or services.

Agreements involving quid pro quo relationships with commercial entities shall require the approval of the Superintendent or designee.

In the event a commercial sponsor contributes toward the expense of a school product, performance or service, such sponsorship may be acknowledged in a statement of commercial sponsorship within the context of the related materials or performance.

Advertisement: a statement or visual representation designed to promote sales of a product or service.
Statement of Commercial Sponsorship: a statement or visual representation designed to name the organization that provides funding or other support for a particular service, and to display a single contact point, without reference to a product or service.

Reference: AB116, AB117

Policy Adopted: December 14, 1999
Policy Revised: February 1, 2000

Administrative Regulation