The Board of Education believes that academic honesty and personal integrity are fundamental to a student's education and character development and that all students and staff should embrace the district’s core values of integrity, collaboration, learning, empowerment, and trustworthiness.

Students, parents/guardians, staff and administrators shall be responsible for creating and maintaining a positive school climate that encourages honest and ethical behavior.  The district’s Continuous Improvement Efforts emphasize the importance of students learning from their mistakes; therefore, students who commit academic honesty violations, will be provided interventions and consequences, commensurate with the grade level and developmental needs of the student and designed to support their growth while preserving the integrity of our academic institutions.


All schools shall incorporate into their student code of conduct clear standards for academic honesty, methods for preventing academic honesty violations, and a progressive continuum of consequences.

Policy Adopted: April 9, 1973
Policy Revised: June 9, 2020

Administrative Regulation