The Irvine Unified School District believes that all children should have their unique needs met, even in instances where the child has violated the rules of the District or the laws of the State. Therefore, in instances of student discipline the District will seek a mechanism of dealing with the student which extinguishes negative behavior, while continuing the education of the student. Suspension and expulsion shall be used within the above guidelines, according to the laws of California and the United States as alternatives only when the need for the safety and learning of other students outweighs the needs of the individual.

To help achieve a positive learning climate within a safe school environment, District principals shall be charged with maintaining order by making the rules and policies concerning student conduct widely available and enforcing them uniformly within the framework of the District’s commitment to the uniqueness of each student.

Policy Adopted: January 27, 1989

Administrative Regulation 5144 Student Conduct
Administrative Procedure 5144 Student Conduct