IUSD to Send Most OC Students to National History Day Competition

Sierra Vista Middle School Students at State National History Day Competition

IUSD students had a powerhouse performance at the recent state National History Day competition with seven of the eight Orange County entries going to the National History Day national competition this June.  Sierra Vista Middle School continued its impressive record, producing the most state champions in the County, with three champion projects advancing to nationals.  Northwood High School, Portola High School, Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, and University High School will also advance to the national competition held at the University of Maryland, College Park from June 10-14. 

Each year, students across the nation, in grades four through 12, take part in National History Day events.  Students, working as individuals or teams, produce original websites, papers, documentaries, performances and exhibits, which are showcased at the local, county, state and national levels. These young historians conduct extensive research on a historical topic related to the annual theme.  This year’s theme is “Conflict and Compromise in History.”   

Sierra Vista Middle School Principal Dr. Lynn Matassarin spoke about the unique opportunity National History Day provides students. “I love National History Day because students become the teachers of their selected topic and the adults then have the opportunity to become the students of these worldly relevant events.”  Matassarin continue, “Sierra Vista Middle School has a proud tradition of student excellence and success with National History Day projects.  The dedication of our students and staff, combined with outstanding parental support, is second to none.”   

Held in Rocklin, Calif., the state event on May 5 and May 6 drew nearly 1,500 students from 270 schools in 27 counties, along with more than 240 historians, educators and other professionals who interviewed participants and evaluated their work.  Below are the IUSD results. 

IUSD 2018 State National History Day Results:

Lakeside Middle School
Honorable Mention – Individual Documentary (Junior) “Inside the Crisis: Thirteen Days of Conflict and Compromise” -Colin Sueyoshi 

Northwood High School
Champion – Individual Documentary (Senior): “The Vietnam Anti-War Movement: How Conflict on the Home Front Compromised American unity and Course of Action During Wartime” – Michelle Kroll

Portola High School
Champion – Individual Website (Senior): “The Hague Convention of 1907: Creating an International Code of Compromise” –Juha Julia Kim

Rancho San Joaquin Middle School
Champion – Individual Documentary (Junior): “The One-Child Policy: A Temporary Compromise” –Erin Jeon

Sierra Vista Middle School
Champion – Group Documentary (Junior): “ExComm: The Compromise Between Hawks and Doves”

  • Ethan Chen
  • Rachel Gima
  • Daniel Yang

Champion – Individual Performance (Junior): “Mendez v. Westminster: Conflict and Compromise in Segregated Education” –Jasmine Chhabria

Champion – Individual Website (Junior): “The Chinese Exclusion Act: Conflict in Immigration” –Alyssa Tang

Runner-up – Group Exhibit (Junior): “Strike! How the Disney Strike of 1941 Changed Animation”

  • Brooklyn Guan
  • Delaney Wong
  • Nara Park

Honorable Mention – Group Performance (Junior): A Conflict of Opinion, A Compromise of Equality: The Hart-Celler Act of 1965”

  • Ashley Lee
  • Cailyx Quan
  • Helena Zhou

Honorable Mention – Individual Exhibit: “Unfair Share: A Life Sentence for Sharecroppers and Leased Convicts” –Grace Jin

University High School
Champion – Historical Paper (Senior): “The Oneida Community: Conflict with Socio-religious Norms and Eventual Compromise – Alvand Daliri

Runner Up – Individual Website (Senior): “The Current War: Edison, Tesla and Westinghouse” –Joshua Zou

Woodbridge High School
Honorable Mention – Individual Performance (Senior): “Conflict and Compromise Between the Ancient Roman Empire and the Religion of Christianity” –Naomi Hampton 

Congratulations to all of our outstanding students who participated in National History Day! IUSD is looking forward to seeing our students shine at nationals. 

For more information about National History Day, visit https://www.nhd.org//.

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