Sierra Vista's Science Olympiad Team Takes Top Honors

Sierra Vista MS State Science Olympiad Champs

Sierra Vista Middle School’s Science Olympiad team has earned the prestigious title of Southern California Science Olympiad Champions.  This marks the second title in as many years for team!

Sierra Vista’s team posted a record score of 49 points in the Middle School Division at the State Science Olympiad Championship Tournament earlier this month at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. 

“I am extremely proud of our students and our Charger Science Olympiad Community,” Coach Shaun Evola shared.  “The level of perseverance and diligence in working towards our goals was truly a communal effort.”

Science Olympiad is a scholastic competition where students compete in 23 events pertaining to various scientific disciplines including physical science, earth and space science, chemistry, technology and engineering, and more. Each year, more than 7,500 middle and high school teams from around the country compete in multiple levels of competition including regionals, states and nationals.

This year, Sierra Vista’s Science Olympiad team is made up of 19  students in grades seven through nine. They have remained busy throughout the season by competing in various invitational tournaments around the country. Notably, Sierra Vista even hosted one of California’s largest middle school invitational tournaments with more than 70 teams competing at Beacon Park School in February.

“Mr. Evola takes on a coaching approach, acting as a source of motivation, inspiration and strong leadership,” said Principal Jeff Morano.  “His commitment and that of our parents has been instrumental for the team’s success.”

Sierra Vista will move forward and join state championship teams from across the country at the Science Olympiad National Tournament hosted by Wichita State University from May 19-20. 

Team members, including four alternates are:

  • Gordon Wong
  • Pragnya Ramkumar
  • Leanna Lo
  • Arjun Wategaonkar
  • Ferris Li
  • Shlok Singh
  • Liran Zhu
  • Davina Pravin
  • Madeline Cheng
  • Melody Bao
  • Doyoung Lee
  • Daniel Guo
  • Allyson Tan
  • Ansh Gosain
  • Madison Idanawang
  • Allison Idanawang
  • Kaylee Shi
  • Lydia Lo
  • Carson Lv
  • Prithvi Oduru
  • Lauren Ta
  • Allen Suen
  • Max Chen

Directors and coaches are:

Shaun Evola
Todd Munoz
Tim Elnitiarta
Josh Hockman
Stanley Suen
Josephine Idanawang 
Ariana Chen