Sierra Vista Science Olympiad Team Wins First in the Nation

Sierra Vista Middle School students received top scores in multiple event categories, placing first out of 60 teams at the at the 38th Annual National Science Olympiad Tournament.
Science Olympiad

Congratulations to Sierra Vista Middle School’s Science Olympiad team, which earned first place at the 38th Annual Science Olympiad National Tournament! This was the first national win for an IUSD school.

Science Olympiad, in partnership with CalTech, hosted one of the nation’s most prestigious science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) competitions. This event brought together 120 highly advanced science olympiad students across the country. Throughout the season, each team competed in various tournaments at their respective regional and state levels, leading up to the national competition held virtually on Saturday, May 14. 

The competition consisted of knowledge events designed by industry experts covering topics in engineering, physics, epidemiology, astronomy, chemistry, meteorology, and coding. Lab, hands-on and building events such as Gravity Vehicle, Sounds of Music and Bridges were run as live submissions from schools.

On May 18, Sierra Vista Science Olympiad students, their families, and their advisors held a formal watch party and dinner at the Irvine Spectrum, tuning into the live virtual awards ceremony. After receiving top scores in multiple event categories, Sierra Vista students were elated to hear that they had been crowned first in division B among a total of 60 teams. 

CEO of Science Olympiad Jenny Kopach said, “Congratulations go out to our championship teams for their achievement, resilience and collaborative spirit, and to their teachers and families for their incredible support all season.” 

“I am so proud to see each student’s growth over the last two years,” said Shaun Evola, Sierra Vista teacher and Science Olympiad coach. In his classroom, he refers to the seven pillars of leadership on a daily basis and consistently uses words such as optimism, zest, grit, curiosity, and social intelligence. According to Shaun, the students are not only excelling in science, but also display significant personal development becoming responsible, well-rounded citizens. The growth shown from these students aligns with IUSD’s mission to develop competent, resourceful and empowered learners prepared to meet the challenges of a complex future. 

Congratulations Sierra Vista Science Olympiad students on this prestigious honor. Click here to watch the awards ceremony or to view the official division B results