Looking for after-school or childcare programs for next school year? Start here!

After-school programs

Are you planning for next school year and looking for after-school or childcare programs? In collaboration with our community partners, IUSD has several programs available for our community. 

After-school Programs

Elementary and Middle School Programs

After-school Classroom Enrichment (ACE) program
IUSD partners with the Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF) to present the After-school Classroom Enrichment (ACE) program. This high-quality, district-wide initiative provides elementary and middle school students with opportunities to participate in both fun and academic classes while remaining in their school environment. These fee-based enrichment classes are organized by volunteers at each school site and are led by pre-approved professionals.

City of Irvine Middle School Program
In collaboration with the City of Irvine, IUSD offers a Middle School Program designed to engage students in positive social-recreational activities during non-school hours. Students are encouraged to take part in the development and implementation of programs and activities that emphasize community service, personal skill development and social recreation.

High School Programs

The High School Youth Action Team provides high school students with the opportunity to participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of services for their peers. The program consists of student representatives from all Irvine high schools and local private schools.

Childcare Programs for K-6 Students

In partnership with the City of Irvine, IUSD offers affordable childcare programs at 29 schools throughout the District. For a comprehensive list of programs available at various schools, please visit the City of Irvine’s website.

To view alternate childcare options in Irvine and throughout Orange County please visit the City of Irvine’s website.