Check out the IUSD Parent Center

IUSD Parent Center Information

The IUSD's Parent Center (155 Visions Building 2 Room 201, Irvine) is a dedicated space ready to serve the various needs of parents and guardians and to empower them as partners in their children's educational journey. 

The Center aims to provide comprehensive support for parents, including:

  1. Events and Workshops:
    These events and workshops are designed to support and empower parents with the tools and strategies needed to actively engage in their child’s educational journey.
  2. Support for Families:
    The Parent Center offers language support through interpreters and community liaisons to bridge any communication gaps. The services also include technology assistance, attendance matters and re-engagement strategies to ensure every family feels supported.
  3. Other Resources:
    Navigating the educational landscape can be overwhelming at times, and the IUSD Parent Center is equipped to guide parents through district resources, offer referrals to community services and agencies that may be of assistance and provide information related to community medical support for families who may need access to medical care and do not have insurance or established care with a provider.

Please note that the hours of operation have recently been updated. The Center is open Monday-Thursday from 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Appointments are available on Fridays by emailing

Parents are invited to explore this space, attend events and leverage resources available to them. For more information, visit the IPEP webpage.