Irvine Family Resource Center

Under the Department of Prevention & Intervention, the Irvine Family Resource Center offers a multidisciplinary approach to mental health and support and wellness for children, adolescents, and their families.  The services that we offer are:


Mental Health Services

Short-term, evidence-based mental health services provided by licensed mental health therapists for IUSD K-12 students and families.  Our services are free to  students and families who may not have easy access to affordable mental health or family support services.  We aim to provide effective and individualized support for our clients dealing with mental health concerns in an intimate and confidential setting where we can foster connection, trust, and growth.

Resource linkage and referral
We are happy to provide phone consultation to connect you with available community resources for:​
  • Mental health referrals to community agencies and other programs
  • Referrals to school-based supports
  • Basic needs support for food, clothing, and housing
  • Drug and/or alcohol resources

Enrichment Workshops

The Irvine Family Resource Center hosts enrichment workshops that are offered to IUSD students, parents, and caregivers.  IUSD teenagers can participate in enrichment workshops which will introduce them to life skills such as stress management, coping skills, effective communication, goal setting, and positive relationships. IUSD parents and caregivers can attend enrichment workshops where they will learn positive discipline skills that are needed at home for building capable kids and healthy families.

For more information on upcoming enrichment workshops contact Christine Guerrero

Parent enrichment workshop recordings  

Teen Mental Health: How To Recognize When Support Is Needed: Presented by Hoag ASPIRE Intensive Outpatient Program
Just like physical health, the sooner a mental health or emotional concern is identified and addressed, the better the outcome. Educational discussion on teen mental health by Hoag Aspire Intensive Outpatient Program.




Gaming, Social Media and Mental Wellness Presentation: Presented by Hoag ASPIRE Intensive Outpatient Program
The World Health Organization recently recognized “gaming disorder” as a diagnosable condition. Excessive gaming and focus on social media can cause psychological effects such as irritability, depression, isolation and anxiety. Explore the impact technology has on adolescent behavior and brain development at this educational discussion presented by Hoag ASPIRE Intensive Outpatient Program. Join Dr. Sina Safahieh, child and adolescent psychiatrist, to learn the signs for concern, differences between normal teen behaviors and potentially harmful ones, and what you can do to help.



The 3 R's For Resilient Parenting
Resiliency during challenging times is critical now more than ever.  This webinar highlights the importance of prioritizing  the 3 R’s of Resilient Parenting:  Relationships, Routines, and Reassurance offering practical strategies that promotes strong, stable, and supportive relationships.

Archived parent enrichment flyers

District Resources

Parent Videos and Resources.  These short and engaging video Parent Pep Talks are designed to offer strategies and suggestions for some of the greatest challenges parents are currently facing. This series of videos begins with Adult Self-Care because we often take care of our children before we take care of ourselves. They are followed by videos that provide practical strategies for thriving through the ever-complex adolescent years.