Irvine Family Resource Center

 Under the Department of Prevention & Intervention, the Irvine Family Resource Center offers a multidisciplinary approach to mental health and support and wellness for children, adolescents, and their families.  The services that we offer are:


  • Short-term, evidence-based mental health services provided by licensed mental health therapists for IUSD K-12 students and families.  Our services are free to  students and families who may not have easy access to affordable mental health or family support services.  We aim to provide effective and individualized support for our clients dealing with mental health concerns in an intimate and confidential setting where we can foster connection, trust, and growth.


  • Resource linkage and referral
    • We are happy to provide phone consultation to connect you with available community resources for:​

      • Mental health referrals to community agencies and other programs

      • Referrals to school-based supports

      • Basic needs support for food, clothing, and housing

      • Drug/Alcohol resources


  • Teen workshops will introduce teens to life skills such as stress management, coping skills, effective communication, goal setting, and positive relationships.


  • Parent workshops that will help parents and caregivers learn positive discipline skills needed at home for building capable kids and healthy families.