Parent Workshops


Irvine Parent Education Programs (IPEP) are FREE seminars and educational workshops offered to Irvine parents throughout the school year. Our goal is to empower parents with the skills and strategies necessary to become active participants in their child’s education. IPEP offers a variety of workshops focused on topics important to parents of IUSD students. Experienced instructors and district-level representatives lead each workshop, providing participants with thoughtful and up to date information.


Parent Workshops will resume in September 2022! Look for our first fall class list on August 26th, 2022.



2021-2022 Parent Workshop Resources


Presentation Slides/ Handouts

Student Support Services- 9/9/2021


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Hoag ASPIRE - Dr. Sina Presentation

Video Recording

Tips for Parent Conferences Video
Supporting Student Success at Home (Elementary) Slides
Stress Management



Study Skills



K-6 Literacy Tips

Part 1

Part 2

Internet Safety Resources



OCDE Prevention: It Starts With You 




2022 Summer Programs (IUSD, IPSF, City of Irvine)



2022 Middle School to High School Transition


Advanced Learners- Presented in Farsi


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Parent Videos

Advanced Learners- Farsi Presentation- مروری بر برنامه فراگیران تیزهوش و سرآمد (GATE) و یادگیری پیشرفته (Advanced Learning)  - Handout - Shahrzad Farjadi, Persian Community Liaison

How to Boost my Child’s Self- Confidence?   كيف أعزز الثقة بالنفس عند طفلي؟ - Duha Al-Hakeem, Arabic Community Liaison

How To Deal With Stress and Anxiety During the Pandemic- Spanish version Cómo lidiar con el estrés y la ansiedad durante la pandemia - Ana Anaya, Spanish Community Liaison

How to Maintain Mental and Emotional Health- Duha Al-Hakeem, Arabic Community Liaison (English Version )

Literacy on the GO! - Christin Schaffer, TOSA

Math Pathways In IUSD - Chris Weber, Director of STEM

Parent Teacher Conference Tips ( Korean) 학부모면담 준비 프리젠테이션 - Insun Kim, Korean Community Liaison 

Prevention: It Starts With You (Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco/ Vape Awareness)- Orange County Department of Education

Racial Stress and Trauma - Shalonda Abubakar, African American/ Black Community Liaison

Stress Management - Erin Timberman, Coordinator, Parent and Family Engagement

Stress Management- Farsi version مدیریت استرس - Shahrzad Farjadi, Persian Community Liaison

Tips for Parent Conferences- Erin Timberman, Coordinator, Parent and Family Engagement

Pep Talk Series

Pep Talk #1: Taking Care of YOU - Marie Williams and Kari Garron from Prevention and Intervention

Pep Talk #2:  Stay in Your Sphere - Marie Williams and Kari Garron from Prevention and Intervention

Pep Talk #3:  Understanding Strong Emotions - Marie Williams and Kari Garron from Prevention and Intervention

Top 5 Series

Top 5- Gifted and Advanced Learners-  Lauren Sipelis, Coordinator of Gifted and Advanced Learners

Top 5 - Student Services - Tim Tatum, Coordinator of Student Services and Erin Timberman, Coordinator of Parent Engagement