Hazel Health


IUSD is proud to partner with Hazel Health, a telehealth behavioral health company. Through Hazel Health, IUSD students (K-12) are able to access virtual Mental Health and Wellness support from home. Hazel uses therapeutic processes delivered by licensed therapists. This service is being offered at no cost to IUSD students.

A parent/guardian may refer their student through a link found here or a referral can be made by the student’s school counselor, elementary resource counselor, mental health specialist, school psychologist, or administrator at their school. Students must have parent permission to enroll for services unless they are 18 or older.  


How much will Hazel Health cost?

If a family has insurance, Hazel will bill the insurance to cover the cost, and there will be no fees to families. If a family does not have insurance, they may access full services at no cost. 

My family’s first language is not English and I prefer to receive services in my native language. Is that possible?

Most likely, yes. Over 40% of Hazel Health providers are bilingual, representing over 19 languages.

What does the process look like after the initial referral is made?

Communication is not initiated until a referral is made, either by a parent/guardian or school-team member. Once a referral is received, a Hazel Health team member will reach out via phone call and text to confirm the request for services and the initial intake is scheduled. Hazel does require a parent or guardian be present for the intake, unless the student is 18 or older.