Leave may be granted a permanent employee requesting absence for compelling personal reasons, such as those involving responsibilities for parents, long term business matters, extended care for an immediate family member, or child care. Such leave shall be in an unpaid status.

Failure of the employee to notify the Division of Human Resources of the intent to return to work on the dates specified in the leave of absence or failure to return to work shall result in loss of employment.

Education Code:

44962-44988 - Leaves of absence (certificated)
45190-45210 - Leaves of absence (classified)

Policy Adopted: September 28, 1977
Policy Revised: August 31, 2004

Administrative Regulation 4164.1 - Procedure for Requesting Child-Care Leave
Administrative Regulation 4164.2 - Procedure for Requesting Medical Leave of Absence
Administrative Regulation 4164.4 - Procedure for Requesting Maternity Leave of Absence