April is Earthquake Preparedness Month – Are you ready?

Earthquake Preparedness Month

April is Earthquake Preparedness Month and IUSD would like to take this month to encourage families and students to be prepared. Taking the following simple steps will go a long way in helping to keep you and your family safe during an earthquake or other emergency.

What You Need to Know About School:

IUSD maintains responsibility for our students. Campuses in the Irvine Unified School District will be secured and students will be kept at school until they can safely be released to parents or authorized guardians through an established reunification process.

We prepare to be self-sufficient. Though IUSD works closely with the Irvine Police Department, the Orange County Fire Authority and other agencies, it may be necessary to coordinate our own response efforts if emergency personnel are tending to more immediate needs. IUSD staff members have been assigned specific roles and responsibilities, which are practiced during drills throughout the year.

Stay Connected with IUSD:

ParentSquare – IUSD uses ParentSquare to send general email, phone and text communications to parents, staff and community members throughout the school year. Schools and the District also use SchoolMessenger for emergency notifications. During an emergency, check your phone, voicemail and email first for the most up-to-date information from the District.

IUSD Website – Visit iusd.org for updates and official information.

Social Media – Stay connected to the District on Facebook, Instagram and X. Social media is an effective and real-time way to communicate, especially when phone lines are down.

Keep Your Information Updated – Make sure your school has your most up-to-date contact information so they know how to reach you, your spouse and/or responsible caregivers to arrange for pick-up. During times of emergency, the school telephones may be overwhelmed with calls, so it is important your school knows how to reach you.

Stay Connected to IUSD

What You Need to Know at Home and Work:

The following is important information about earthquake preparedness from the Irvine Police Department’s Office of Emergency Management. The Office of Emergency Management encourages residents to be prepared by taking the following steps:

  • Develop a plan of action for meeting up with and communicating with family members
  • Assemble a 72-hour supply kit that is tailored to your family’s needs
  • Register your home and all family cell phones through the Alert OC system at AlertOC.com to receive emergency alerts and information.   
  • Listen to 1640AM during an emergency for live updates
  • Follow the Irvine Police Department on Facebook at facebook.com/IPD and X at twitter.com/IrvinePolice
  • Take a Community Emergency Response Team course offered by the Irvine Police Department.

For more emergency preparedness information and resources, such as family plans and recommended supply lists, visit cityofirvine.org/prepare.