Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is not just another program or "one more thing to do," it is a research-based school-wide system that prepares all students for college, career, and community readiness.  The AVID College and Career Readiness system aligns with the school district and site's goals to accelerate and enhance the work that is already happening.  At its heart, AVID is a philosophy:  Hold students accountable to the highest standards, provide academic and social support, and they will rise to the challenge.    

This system includes three components:

  1. An AVID Elective course for students in the academic middle (2.0-3.5 GPA) in grades 6-12 supporting students to attend post-secondary education and career options;
  2. School-wide AVID, which ensures every student has access to key strategies to help them become college, career, and community-ready;
  3. The highest quality training and resources to support all school staff.

AVID brings research-based strategies and curricula to educational institutions in elementary, secondary, and higher education.  The AVID annually provides more than 30,000 educators with training and methodologies that develop students' critical thinking, literacy, and math skills across all content areas throughout the entire campus, in what we call School-wide AVID.    


  • Teaches skills and behaviors for academic success
  • Provides intensive support with tutorials and strong student/teacher relationships
  • Creates a positive peer group for students
  • Develops a sense of hope for personal achievement gained through hard work and determination
  • AVID builds student agency and LEADERS!

As a result, policymakers and educators now consider AVID's mission to be an essential strategy for closing the opportunity gap and making college and career access and success available for all students.

Source:, 2023

The AVID College and Career Readiness Framework

The AVID College and Career Readiness Framework

Our nation's schools are full of students who possess a desire to go to college, attain a career, and the willingness to work hard, but many of them do not truly have the opportunity to be college and career-ready.  These are often the students who will be the first in their families to attend college and are from groups traditionally underrepresented in higher education.  AVID Secondary equips teachers and schools with what they need to help these students succeed on a path to college and career success.

Source:, 2023

2023-2024 Secondary Sites with AVID:                         

2024-2025 Additional Secondary Sites with AVID:

  • Lakeside Middle School
  • Portola High School
  • Sierra Vista Middle School
  • Venado Middle School
  • University High School

AVID Proven Achievement. 

            Lifelong Advantage.

  • Are enrolled in highly rigorous courses
  • Are more likely to graduate than non-AVID students
  • Are 1.5 times for likely to enroll in 4-year colleges/universities
  • Enroll in 2-year colleges at higher rates than non-AVID students