Facilitated IEP

IUSD is in year 2 of a 5 year implementation plan to implement the use of the Facilitated IEP Process at all of our school sites.

What is a Facilitated IEP Meeting?

A Facilitated Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting is one in which:

  • An IEP is developed by a collaborative team whose members share responsibility for the meeting process and results
  • Decision-making is managed through the use of facilitation skills

This process of Facilitation for IEP meetings enables the team to:

  • Build and improve strong relationships among team members
  • Reach true consensus
  • Focus the IEP content and process on the needs of the student
  • Exercise an efficient, guided meeting process where effective communication and reflective listening are practiced

Click here:  Watch an example of a facilitated IEP here [video]

Sample Agenda [Word Document]
Sample Norms [Word Document]
Sample Outcomes [Word Document]