how much advance notice is necessary to reserve a facility?

Requests for building/field use should be submitted at least 20 business days in advance. Time is needed to contact and verify availability with the school, schedule custodians and any other staff that may be needed for the event.

Please submit your request in a timely manner so that all necessary departments can be notified.


Although Irvine Unified School District makes every possible effort to maintain the accuracy of event information posted on school building calendars, at times building calendars may not include nor reflect all contracted events occurring within Irvine Unified School District facilities. Irvine Unified School District reserves the right to decline Facility Use Applications that conflict with previously contracted events that may or may not appear on school building calendars posted on the community use website.

how Do I Submit an application?

If you are a new user or have not used an IUSD facility within the last year, you will first need to register for a user account. Once your user account has been approved (this is done by Use of Facilities during business hours), you will then be able to log in to submit your request.


You may find the instructions for this process here and tutorial videos here.

What are the fees?

Fees are billed according to the group category that your organization falls under. Below are the 3 categories that IUSD follows. You may find the corresponding fee schedule here.


Group A: IUSD groups or non-profit groups organized to directly promote IUSD activities (i.e. IPSF)

Group B: Non-profit organizations (copy of 501c3 certificate required)

Group C: All other groups

can i just call my neighborhood school to schedule a tour or request use of a facility?

For a tour, a request must be submitted and be in process in order for a site to consider any tour requests. Tours are by appointment only, walk-ins are not permitted at our school sites.


In order to have a request reviewed, proper procedures must be followed and specific departments need to be notified once an event is scheduled. Therefore, all reservations must be approved by the Use of Facilities department rather than directly through the school site.

does the facility come with any equipment?

By request, some facilities may have a projector set up. The use of any other school equipment or supplies is not permitted. 

what if i need to make a change to my application once it has already been submitted?

For any changes, please email your request with the ID # to the Use of Facilities Department. Verbal changes or cancellations will not be accepted.


Please note: changes (including cancellations) made after an application has been approved will be subject to fees.


On this webpage, you may click on “Submit an Application” on the right hand side under Quicklinks to access the CommunityUse website. Log in as you would to submit a request and select the “My Requests” tab OR you may contact our office with the ID # for an update via email (facilitiesuse@iusd.org).


If you choose to simply log in to your account, below are the explanations of the various statuses.

Submitted/Inactive = In process, under review

Approved/Inactive = Approved by site, but pending permit (activation) by Use of Facilities (when there are multiple dates in the request, the status being “Approved” does not mean all dates were approved. There can be notes listing dates not available that only Use of Facilities can adjust on the schedule prior to activating).

Approved/Active = Approved by site and permit activated by Use of Facilities. An email confirmation with the permit is sent to the email address used to submit the request.

What type of use requires a use of facilities permit?

A Use of Facilities permit is required for all organized use taking place on District property. 


NOTE: No outside use can conflict with site events or school hours.

What is needed to finalize my reservation?

If you fall under the Group B category, we will need a copy of your 501c3 to list the appropriate rates on your permit.

The proper insurance certificate and additional insured endorsement page is required for all events. Please visit our insurance page here for all necessary information.


NOTE: It is the User Groups’ responsibility to ensure that all documents are sent to Use of Facilities in a timely manner and contain all insurance requirements listed on our website and Policies & Regulations.

who do i contact if an issue arises during my event?

Please use the contact information listed on your permit.

For urgent matters contact Campus Safety Service: 949-337-5196.