Use of Facilities

Due to the high volume of requests, the application process is taking longer than expected.

Please plan accordingly and submit requests as soon possible. 

Note: Any requests or changes for use between 12/13/23 - 01/31/24 must be submitted by 11/08/23. We cannot guarantee that any requests or changes submitted after 11/08/23 will be reviewed. 

Each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis, depending on staff coverage and holidays. 

For COVID-19 information and updates, please visit

IUSD Use of Facilities utilizes an ONLINE REQUEST form. Please click here for an overview of the process.

*Although Irvine Unified School District makes every possible effort to maintain the accuracy of event information posted on school building calendars, at times building calendars may not include nor reflect all contracted events occurring within Irvine Unified School District facilities. Irvine Unified School District reserves the right to decline Facility Use Applications that conflict with previously contracted events that may or may not appear on school building calendars posted on the CommunityUse website.

*Requests should be submitted at least 20 business days in advance.

*Applications will not be accepted for dates further than 6 months from the time of request. 

*Theater requests can take up to 90 business days for a response.

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Please view our 2023-2024 Fee Schedule for the current list of fees.


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Insurance Requirements

With the submission of each Facility Use Application, the applicant verifies authorization to act


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IUSD Facilities Gallery

IUSD Facilities Gallery