National Book Lover Day!

IUSD celebrates National Book Lover Day

August 9 is National Book Lover Day, which is a wonderful opportunity to share a love of reading with your kids. Pick a favorite spot to read a great book, take a trip to the library, or visit your local bookstore. Don’t forget to pass on the joy of reading to others by donating books to your school, library or charity.

Below are activities and resources to further support literacy and reading at home.

Tips for Families

  • Read to younger children every day
  • Encourage your child to read to you and ask them questions about the book
  • Set an example and read in front of your children
  • Make time for free writing such as journaling, creative writing or letters to family and friends
  • Play games like Words with FriendsScrabble, Telestrations, HeadbanzBoggleApples to Apples, Zingo, do word searches, etc.

Additional Resources

For more information about how you can support reading and literacy, by grade level visit: