Weekly Five: Reimagining Enrichment Activities


Although your students may not be able to go to sports practice, music lessons, art classes or other enrichment classes, they can still hone their skills and learn at home.  

1. Online tutorials. Help your students find quality online and video tutorials for music, art, science, engineering, and more. Visit https://bit.ly/3bTSoIL for online resources.  

2. Get active.  If you have an outdoor space that will allow kids to follow social distancing guidelines, they can practice athletic skills and engage in drills. 

3. Go screen free.  There are plenty of screen free activities such as baking, scrapbooking, arts and crafts, homemade gifts, etc. Visit https://bit.ly/2WHkLoT for 20 screen free activities.    

4.  Virtual library. Can’t make it to the library? There are several options for free online books, including storylineonline.net, amazon.com and readacrossamerica.org.

5. Explore museums from home. World renowned museums are offering free virtual tours. See these beautiful museums with famous and breathtaking works of art from the comfort of your couch. To learn more visit https://bit.ly/3dUn919.

For more information about enrichment activities by grade level, visit https://bit.ly/3bTSoIL or iusd.org/COVID-19, which offers enrichment, distance learning and other resources and information.