Weekly Five: Mental Health and Wellness

IUSD Weekly Five

Introducing IUSD’s Weekly Five. Each week we will cover one topic with tips to help support and connect students and families to information and resources. This week we are starting with five mental health and wellness tips.

  1. Take a moment to check-in and talk with your kids. Ask how they are feeling about the Coronavirus, distance learning, connecting with friends or other relevant topics.
  2. Ensure you are aware of IUSD's mental health and wellness resources, along with community resources, and connect your students with supports if needed.  
  3. Help your kids develop and maintain a daily (flexible) schedule to keep on track.
  4. Support healthy habits, including eating healthy, safely exercising and getting plenty of sleep.
  5. Remember to have fun and engage in activities like reading, playing games, watching a favorite show, connecting with friends or listening to music.

For more details about these tips, including links and contact information to the resources, visit iusd.org/COVID19 and iusd.org/WeCare.