Update: SCE Public Safety Power Shutoffs

Update PSPS Graphic

Eastwood, Santiago Hills and Stonegate elementary schools, along with Northwood High School are open today.  IUSD has received an update from Southern California Edison (SCE):

  • Stonegate Elementary and Northwood High School are no longer being considered for a power shutoff at this time.
  • Eastwood and Santiago Hills are being considered for a power shutoff between 6-9 a.m.

If a shutoff does occur at Eastwood and Santiago Hills, the schools have back-up generators and will have enough power to maintain a viable and safe learning environment for students. Although they will try to conserve power through the morning, they will have the ability to keep classrooms comfortable and will provide their normal food service. Water filling stations and restrooms will not be affected by an outage.

Should anything change, schools will contact families immediately.  Although our District has no control over when and where these shutoffs occur or when we are notified, we will continue to work closely with SCE and other agencies, so that we can provide our community with the most accurate information as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding and partnership.