Senate Bill 906: Safe Storage of Firearms

Safety Reminders

With the passage of Senate Bill 906, California’s schools and districts are required to notify families annually about safe firearm storage.  In addition to providing this information in the District’s Annual Notification to Parents prior to the start of each school year, the Irvine Police Department has also provided some basic safety rules and tips for parents. 

According to the Irvine Police Department, if you own a firearm, its safe storage is one of your most important responsibilities. As such, gun owners must always secure their firearm(s) and ammunition so they are not accessible to children or other unauthorized persons.  To learn more about firearm safety, visit the Irvine Police Department’s Firearm Safety Webpage, which includes the following information:

  • Tips for Parents
  • Basic Safety Rules
  • Free Cable Locks for Firearms
  • Gun Take Back Program

Additional Safety Reminders

The nationwide game, “Senior Assassins” or “Water Wars” is meant to be a light-hearted game involving high school seniors and water or Nerf guns.  Similar to paintball, high school seniors try to tag each other.  This is not a school or District-sanctioned game and it is not allowed on IUSD campuses.  

While this is not a school-related matter, we would like to take this opportunity to keep our families informed.  The Irvine Police Department has responded to calls from community members who believe students are carrying real weapons and have reported seeing students wearing dark clothing while hiding in the bushes. 

If your child is playing this game, ensure the water or toy guns used appear obviously fake so that they are not mistaken for real guns.  Students should exercise caution in and around traffic and avoid hiding in neighbors’ bushes, which can cause concern and alarm for some. 

If your child has toy weapons, please talk to them about responsible use and make sure it is clear they are fake.  Firearms of any kind, including toy/replica guns, are not allowed on school or district grounds.

Say Something

Should students have concerns about firearms or if they hear someone threaten to bring a firearm to school or a public location, immediately contact the Irvine Police Department.  They should also tell their parents and a trusted adult on campus.  Students may also use the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System