Mindful Monday: The Power of Kindness

Mindful Monday Jan. 23 The Power of Kindness

Today marks the start of the Great Kindness Challenge, which is a national program dedicated to recording as many acts of kindness as possible.  So for this week’s Mindful Monday, Sierra Vista Assistant Principal Bryan Thomas is talking about the power of kindness, which not only benefits those we are kind to but it also benefits us by fostering greater social connections, building stronger friendships, and creating a positive mental outlook.  The more you practice kindness, the more you become a stronger leader!  And remember, kindness can be as simple as a nice word or a smile to brighten someone’s day. 

Mindful Monday Jan. 23 The Power of Kindness









To learn more about the Great Kindness Challenge, visit the Orange County Department of Education’s Newsroom at newsroom.ocde.us and also check out their ongoing 1 Billion Acts of Kindness campaign.  Don’t forget to log your acts of kindness by visiting Kindness1Billion.org

There are also many ways to get involved at school or in the community.  Talk to your teacher(s), principal, and school counselors.  Consider joining a club on campus.  Also, check out the City of Irvine’s middle and high school Youth Action Teams among many other resources and options. 

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