Mindful Monday: The Importance of Play

Mindful Monday the Importance of Play

In this week's Mindful Monday, we are focusing on the importance of play, in honor of Global School Play Day (Feb. 1), which was founded by IUSD’s Scott Bedley, a fourth-grade teacher at Eastwood Elementary.  Mr. Bedley shares why play is important for both students and adults of any age.   

 Unstructured play is crucial for child development as it:

  • Improves physical skills and coordination
  • Enhances creativity and imagination
  • Encourages social skills and teamwork
  • Supports emotional regulation and stress relief
  • Helps develop problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Provides opportunities for exploration and discovery

Examples of Global School Play Day in action include outdoor games and sports, arts and crafts, dramatic play, STEM activities, music and movement, free play with toys and games, and exploration of nature. 

Unplugged, free and creative time is important for teenagers and adults too!  Not only does it offer the same benefits for teens and adults but it also can foster greater social wellness and connectedness. 

Mindful Monday the Importance of Play









Additional Resources:
To learn more about Global School Play Day, click here.  Looking for ways to get out and play, create and explore for your children and family, checkout the City of Irvine’s Inside Irvine to view their Activity Guide.  Also, see IPSF’s enrichment classes for students.