Mindful Monday: Gratitude

Mindful Monday Nov. 21 Gratitude

As we head into the Thanksgiving break, IUSD’s Director of STEM Bob Curley is sharing the importance and the neuroscience of gratitude for this week’s Mindful Monday. By focusing on gratitude and tuning into the positive, we activate and strengthen the part of our brain that responds to interpersonal bonding, empathy and positive social interactions, contributing to social connectedness and happiness.

During the busy and often stressful holiday season we can reduce stress and increase happiness by taking just 20 seconds each day to think about what we are grateful for. The ripple effect not only benefits ourselves but also those around us. Over the break, take 20 seconds to think about someone you appreciate and share your thoughts with them, so they too can have a positive experience.

We are grateful for our students, staff and families and thank you for being the best part of the “US at the center of IUSD.  We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Mindful Monday Nov. 21 Gratitude









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