Meet IUSD’s Prevention and Intervention Team

Prevention and Intervention Team

Investments in mental health and wellness has been one of the Board of Education’s top priorities for many years. The District’s focus is on providing comprehensive programs, initiatives and supports, designed to help students cultivate skills such as resiliency, perseverance and adaptability when navigating complex emotions and experiences so they may succeed at the highest levels both personally and academically.  We also want our students to know their voice matters, that they are not alone.  We have many avenues for students to seek support when needed, including the dedicated professionals we are highlighting in this post. For more information about IUSD’s mental health and wellness resources, services and supports, visit

Elementary Resource Counseling Specialists

Elementary Resource Counseling Specialists support the social, emotional and academic development of our TK-6 students through school-based counseling . This group provides opportunities for students to participate in individual and small group counseling experiences that provide support and skill-building for coping with stress at home and at school, academic struggles and personal issues. Their work helps students to develop self-confidence while learning news skills and how to deal with challenges in healthy ways.  

Guidance Assistants

Guidance Assistants are paraprofessionals who support students in grades TK-6. Many of which have been with the district for years and they teach classroom lessons to promote and advance student social, emotional and academic development. Examples of lessons they cover are healthy decision-making, self-management, and problem-solving. Guidance Assistants often collaborate with Elementary Resource Coordinators to support students in the most effective way possible.

Mental Health Specialists 

This uniquely qualified group of professionals are committed to ensuring the safety and supporting the mental health of high school students. They support students through school-wide initiatives and campaigns related to suicide prevention, mental health awareness and wellness workshops. Additionally, the Mental Health Specialists provide short-term group and individual supports to students based on need. They help students and families in high-risk situations with a high standard of care. Mental Health Specialists are skilled at navigating and connecting families to various mental health resources. Our Mental Health Specialists’ goal is to work alongside families and school site teams to create continuity of care for our students allowing them to achieve their highest potential.

Project Success

Project Success Specialists are a small, but mighty group of individuals. They are placed at our comprehensive high schools to provide topical small group and individual counseling supports to students through the Project Success program. They work alongside site support staff to encourage the development of resiliency skills in young adolescents. These life skills help foster student ability to communicate with peers and adults and effectively manage the stressful changes associated with adolescence. The Project Success program helps students with stress management, goal setting, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, and much more. Specialists design activities for students to improve their self-esteem, healthy behaviors, attendance, and organizational and social skills in students. With the support of this group, students feel connected and positive about school. 

We appreciate the important work that each group provides in support of student's social, emotional and academic development as well as their overall wellbeing. For more information about our Prevention and Intervention team and how to connect with support services at your school, visit: