IUSD's Dr. Stephen Bayne Receives Prestigious School Safety Award

School Safety Award Dr. Stephen Bayne IUSD

IUSD's Dr. Stephen Bayne, received the Distinguished Safe Schools award I during the 14th annual Safe Schools Conference attended by educators and law enforcement representatives. Dr. Bayne, who is the Director of Risk Management, Insurance and Safety was honored for his leadership and collaboration in supporting IUSD's multi-pronged approach to safety.  This includes the District's investments in campus security, technology, mental health and wellness, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), student and staff trainings, safety assessments, campus security personnel, and partnerships with the Irvine Police Department (IPD) and other law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, in 2014, Dr. Bayne founded the Emergency Preparedness Interagency Collaborative (EPIC), a joint partnership between public safety agencies and public and private education institutions in the Greater Irvine area. EPIC, meets quarterly to discuss, plan and prepare for a variety of campus safety-related topics and is the only group of its kind in California.

Congratulations Dr. Bayne! Thank you for your dedication and leadership.

For more information about IUSD campus safety and EPIC, visit iusd.org/safety.