IUSD’s 12Th Annual ACE Day Celebrates Classified Employees

ACE Day Images

This week, IUSD Board Members and administrators shadowed custodians, electricians, painters, clerks and other classified employees to learn more about their jobs and responsibilities as part of IUSD’s 12th annual ACE Day. ACE, which stands for Appreciating Classified Employees, was established in 2007 by the California Schools Employee Association’s (CSEA) to recognize and celebrate classified employees, while building understanding and relationships between administrative and classified staff.

IUSD Board President Lauren Brooks worked with University High School Account Technician Dawn Jan.  At the District’s Maintenance and Operations facility, Board Member Paul Bokota shadowed Zeb Samson in the welding shop, while Board Member Betty Carroll assisted PE Paraprofessional Kevin Flohr at Alderwood Elementary. Board Member Ira Glasky joined Woodbridge High School Campus Control Assistant Jerry Rose.  Board Member Sharon Wallin worked with Elementary Education Administrative Assistant Kami Colliver at the District office and Superintendent Terry Walker shadowed PE Paraprofessional Melina Ganes at Woodbury Elementary.

The week culminated in a lunch to recognize classified employees and for Board Members and administrators to share what they did and learned.  Here’s what our Superintendent and Board Members had to say:

Lauren Brooks and Dawn JanLauren Brooks on working with Dawn Jan
“I had a fantastic day with Dawn and enjoyed learning how she manages a variety of accounts and funds for University High School, including accounts for ASB, sports, clubs, visual and performing arts, and other school related events.   Her connection with students and staff is phenomenal.  I was so impressed with the responsibility she gave students and how, under her direction, they are gaining valuable skills.  I want to thank Dawn for what she does for our students and Uni High.  I appreciated being
part of her world for a few short hours.”

Paul with Zeb SamsonPaul Bokota on working with Zeb Samson
"I truly enjoyed my time with Zeb Samson, who is the Welding Department. I had no idea how complex the welding process is and how much chemistry and metallurgy Zeb has to know. I also did not realize the breadth of what he does, from making and installing gates for schools, to making and installing bracing for HVAC units or building bridges to traverse parts of a roof. His scientific knowledge was incredible, as was his commitment to his craft and his commitment to designing functional, aesthetically appropriate and, most importantly, safe structures for our kids and schools. Like many of the CSEA folks with whom I have worked, he is incredibly committed to the District, our employees and our students. It was a great morning and I learned a tremendous amount. As a bonus, I didn't burn the place down or scar Zeb with the welding torch."

Betty Carroll with Kevin Flohr Betty Carroll on working with Kevin Flohr
“The first thing you notice about PE Paraprofessional Kevin Flohr is how incredibly upbeat he is and how much the students enjoy being around him. He is so energetic, positive, and kind that you can't help but smile when talking to him. He skillfully weaves fun into other valuable lessons such as collaboration, safety, and problem solving - among other things. Such a fun, fun time!”

Ira Glasky with Jerry RoseIra Glasky on working with Jerry Rose
“I really appreciated being able to spend the morning with Jerry Rose, a Campus Control Assistant (CCA) at Woodbridge High School. As a resident of Woodbridge and father to two Woodbridge High graduates, Jerry is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our students. Along with his colleagues at Woodbridge High, Jess and Juan, our CCAs are an integral part of our high school campuses and I truly value all of their dedication and hard work.”

Sharon Wallin and Kamil Colliver Sharon Wallin on working with Kami Colliver
“I did not ‘shadow’ someone on ACE day – instead, I saw the brightest star surrounded by a rainbow. I visited Kami, who is the Assistant to Executive Director of Elementary Education Stan Machesky. She is the first person to answer the phone when parents call Stan’s office.  She handled every call with compassion and empathy, which embodies IUSD’s service to our community.  She listened and helped parents and/or connected them to the appropriate person and resources. She keeps a smile on her face and maintains a high level of customer, because she truly cares about our community. She is a bright light for IUSD. What a pleasure to watch her talent.”

Terry Walker and Melina Ganes

Superintendent Terry Walker on Working with Melina Ganes
Spending time with our IUSD classified staff always reaffirms my appreciation for the depth of talent and dedication in the people who serve our students.  Working with Melina reinforced my understanding of the significant and positive impact our PE Paraprofessionals have on both students and teachers. No wonder their service ranks as one of the highest priority investments in our budget planning surveys.  Her students enjoy being with her and learning many important lessons.”

IUSD’s ACE program is the longest running in the state, showcasing the value District staff and administrators place on all employees.  This unique program reinforces what IUSD knows and believes, which is that a school district requires the efforts of everyone – classified staff, community members, teachers and administrators to be successful. A healthy school district is built on teamwork. ACE recognizes and encourages this collaborative concept.