2021-22 Teachers of Promise

Teachers of Promise

Today, in addition to announcing the 2021-22 Teachers of the Year, IUSD announced four Teachers of Promise. This annual honor goes to first- or second-year instructors, who go above and beyond, while demonstrating professional curiosity and an unbridled enthusiasm for teaching. 

The 2021-22 Teachers of Promise are:

Makensie Bates is a 6th grade teacher at Loma Ridge Elementary School and was selected as a teacher of promise for her student-centered approach to teaching and learning.  According to her colleagues, "Makensie is focused on helping her students thrive inside and outside of the classroom.  She develops innovative lessons and figures out ways to meet each learner's needs."  Makensie was also praised for her efforts to share best practices and her efforts to support students and families on and off campus.

Zadie Kenney is a 6th grade teacher at Portola Springs Elementary School and is known by her students and colleagues for her passion for teaching, collaborating and putting her student's needs first.  Portola Springs teachers said, "As a teammate, Zadie brings fresh ideas and a willingness to create lessons and high-quality learning opportunities for students.  She has been able to connect with students, meeting them where they are, and knows the name of every 6th grader!"  Often times, she can be found on the playground at lunch interacting with students and helping them build stronger peer relationships.

Karly Cassese is a Science Teacher at Beacon Park School.  According to her colleagues, she "Embodies a Teacher of Promise, because she goes above and beyond to support her students academically and emotionally.” She provides constant support for students and makes sure science labs and activities are accessible to all students.  In addition to being an avid contributor to Beacon’s campus community, Karly also fosters a Growth Mindset in her students so they can reach their full potential and are prepared for high school, college and beyond. 

Donbi Chung is an English Teacher at Creekside High School.  Creekside teachers and staff have praised Donbi for her “warm and kind heart, and her calm approach to teaching and learning,  which not only benefits the Creekside teaching team but also her students.”  In addition to providing focused and challenging lessons, Donbi encourages students to reach their full potential and instills a sense of hope that all students can learn and achieve at high levels.

This year’s four Teachers of Promise were recognized in front of their students and will be formally honored in April at the Excellence in Teaching Awards program.

Once again, congratulations to this year’s Teachers of Promise!

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