Coalition for Legislative Action

The Coalition for Legislative Action team meets regularly throughout the year to develop legislative strategies and to make sure our district's needs are being shared with state and federal policymakers.

Coalition for Legislative Action Members

Board of Education

Lauren Brooks 
Sharon Wallin

Classified School Employees Association (CSEA)
Janelle Cranch, President

Irvine Administrators Association (IAA)
Kris Linville

Legislative Consultant
Bob Blattner
Jeff Frost

IUSD Public Information Officer

Annie Brown

Irvine Unified Council PTA 
Mary Kelly, President
Hideh Hassani

Irvine Public Schools Foundation 
Neda Eaton, President

Irvine Teachers Association (ITA) 
Theresa Sorey, President

Superintendent of Schools
Terry L. Walker

Executive Asst. to the Superintendent 
Raianna Chavez