Strategy 1

Empower students and enhance learning through engaging activities, real-world problem solving, creative expression, and personalized experiences.

Why it Matters

IUSD believes in the commitment to creating intellectually safe and engaging learning environments for all children.  An atmosphere that engages students in real-world problem solving and creative expression improves knowledge retention and encourages individualized learning opportunities.  Our core mission is to develop essential capacities with our students and to evaluate the impact on student learning. Technology has the ability to maximize the relevance and efficiency of instruction and prepare students for future paths.  

Strategy Spotlight

Technology and Learning- Grades K-3

Technology and Learning- Grades 4-6

Makerspaces and Innovation Labs

IUSD Facilities and IT teams work together to create innovative, technology-rich learning environments for students.  The goal of this work is to provide a collaborative work space inside a school or library for hands on learning, exploring and sharing. Using high-tech to no-tech tools, this ultimately helps with critical thinking skills and even boosts self-confidence.

In-Classroom tools

IT supports the use of both District Supported Software resources and School-Adopted Software resources.  These tools are leveraged in the classroom to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sharing information and designing curricular lessons.  One example is Canvas, Irvine Unified's online course management solution (CMS), used for announcements, document storage, assignments, and discussions.  Another example is SchoolCity, an online comprehensive assessment, analysis, and reporting system. It is used by our Professional Learning Communities to administer formative and summative assessments and run reports to analyze evidence and inform instructional strategies and shifts needed to meet the needs of students.

digital citizenship

IUSD in its effort of "ensuring success for each student", understands the importance of teaching our students to be good digital citizens who understand the norms of behavior with regard to technology use.  IUSD offers training to our teachers on digital citizenship as well as resources for parents. A recommended resource called Common Sense Media is frequently used by teachers in the classroom and can also support families with the topic of Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy at home.  Curated resources that are delivered with our Nearpod application provides teachers with lessons based on scope and sequence by age group.

Assistive Tech

IT works closely with the Special Education department in order to support and meet the needs of children who require access to assistive technology devices and programs.  

blended learning

Blended learning is a 21st century learning environment with some of the learning taking place face-to-face in a school setting, and some in an online environment. The online experience can be synchronous, meaning the students and teachers are interacting in a real-time (such as a live, online classroom, or through collaborative documents), or in an asynchronous environment, meaning students collaborate with peers, interact with multimedia content and submit assignments at various times during the school week.  IT supports this program with the use of a district adopted learning management system and integrated digital instructional materials. A close partnership is maintained with program leads to ensure our ability to pivot with the latest technology needs.

career and technical education

The Career Education program in IUSD provides opportunities for students to explore careers from middle through high school. Career education courses provide hands-on learning experiences and access to state of the art technology equipment in order to build teamwork, leadership, creativity and problem solving skills in a variety of high demand industry sectors. While gaining industry specific skills, students also build the professional skills that transfer to successful careers in any industry sector and that will help them succeed in college or university programs.

software supports

Gradeslam is a software available to all students in 9-12th grades giving them instant and unlimited 24/7 tutoring support in a chat platform, and with annotated essay review within 24 hours.  The educators are trained to apply Socratic Teaching Methods to elicit understanding of content without just giving answers to students. The intent is to fill learning gaps and support better use of class time.


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  • Regular use of technology in the classroom is a precursor to connected, transformative learning (Johnson et al., 2013).
  • The ability to solve problems and challenges enables young learners to develop the skills to enter a flexible workforce and compete in a global market (Gresham, 2014).
  • 81% of students surveyed believe technology use in class can enhance student learning. (IUSD BrightBytes Data, 2019)



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