District Supported Software Resources

Digital resources are an important part of IUSD's commitment to providing the highest quality educational experience for our students.  IUSD partners with educational software providers to provide personalized and engaging curriculum for students.  As our world evolves, new digital services are created to facilitate student learning.  Coding, stop-animation, and three-dimensional printing provide IUSD students with innovative, hands-on learning environments.  Adaptive online assessments, like some of those listed below, help teachers address the individual needs of each child. Collaborative tools allow students to problem-solve in an environment that mirrors what they will experience in college and their professional lives.  Videos and other online media help students make connections between subjects taught in school and current events. 

At IUSD, we are excited to offer these resources to our students and their families.  We are also committed to ensuring our students' safety and privacy online.  The district-supported software listed below meets State (AB-1584 and California Education Code section 49073.1) and Federal (FERPA) legal requirements and IUSD policy regarding data privacy. For more information about IUSD's technology safety efforts, visit our  Privacy and Digital Citizenship pages.

This page reflects most widely used educational software programs in IUSD.  For additional software not supported District-wide, but used in individual classes please click here.


Title Description Grade and/or Subject
ABC CLIO Solutions ABC CLIO is a collection of research databases to support the humanities in the secondary schools.  To access this product from home, please contact your library staff.


Accelerate Learning Accelerate Learning provides science curriculum. K-12
Adobe Spark for Education Adobe Spark for Education is a tool that allows students and teachers to create and share quick and easy linear multimedia presentations. K-12
Aeries Software Aeries Software is a student information system. K-12
Apple School Manager Apple School Manager is a mobile device management solution for Apple devices. K-12
Benchmark Education Benchmark Education is the online content for the English language arts textbook in grades 3-5.  Students can access this through Clever.


BookShare BookShare is the world's largest library for people with print disabilities.  Literary works are provided in specialized formats exclusively for use by students with qualifying disabilities. K-12
Cal-PASS Cal-PASS provides actionable data to help improve student success along the education-to-workforce pipeline. K-12
California Student Aid Commission California Student Aid Commission provides FAFSA services to students. 9-12

Canvas is Irvine Unified's online course management solution (CMS). It is used for announcements, document storage, assignments, and discussions.

Clear Proflex Clear Proflex is a software that verifies residency information. K-12
Clever Clever is a software dashboard for access to the following applications: Benchmark, Lexia, First in Math, HMHCore, SpringBoard, and Typing Agent, Office 365, OverDrive, Destiny, GoMath, Encyclopedia Britannica K-12
Core5 Core 5 provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning in areas of reading instruction. K-5
Destiny Destiny is a library/textbook/resource website that contains collection catalogs and enables students to search for materials and resources owned by the school.  Destiny also contains WebPath Express which is a safe web search engine.


Encyclopedia Britannica School Encyclopedia Britannica School is a general reference database for Elementary, Middle, and High School. It contains encyclopedia articles, multimedia, primary sources, games, and other learning resources that support student research and reinforce curriculum standards.  To access this product from home, please contact your library staff. K-12
ESL Reading Smart ESL Reading Smart is an innovative, standards-based English language-learning program. 4-12
Evalumetrics Evalumetrics offers California Physical Fitness Test Scoring Services, data analysis, and technical and psychometric solutions to educational measurement issues. K-12
First in Math

First In Math helps students master basic and advanced math skills and fluency via engaging game-based activities: Fact fluency, word problem fluency, procedural fluency, and persistence in practice.

GoMath GoMath is the online content for the math textbook in grades 3-5.  Students can access this through Clever. Math

GSuite (formerly known as GAFE)

GSuite is a suite of productivity applications that Google offers to schools and educational institutions. It consists of Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Drawing, Google Sites, Google Classroom and Google Drive. K-12
GradeCam GradeCam provides assessment scanning. K-12
Gradeslam Gradeslam offers access to qualified tutors through an online program.  
Health-e Pro Health-e Pro provides menu planning services for IUSD's nutrition department. K-12
Integrated Math Integrated Mathematics is the online textbook series for middle school and high school students enrolled in Math I, Math II, Math III, Enhanced Math I, Enhanced Math II,  Enhanced Math III, Algebra, and Geometry.  Access to this textbook is through Clever Math
Journeys Journeys is the online content for the ELA textbook in grades K-2.  Students can access this through Clever. K-2


Kaltura Video repository for online video management, creation, and collaboration for teachers.  IUSD.tv is based off of this platform. K-12
Khan Academy Khan Academy provides instructional resources that empower learners to study a variety of subject areas at their own pace. K-12
Kimono Kimono provide records data sharing between applications. K-12
Knewton Analytics Knewton Analytics offers integrated adaptive courseware to build or enhance powerful adaptive learning products. Math
Mackin Via Mackin Via is a complete digital resource management system to  house, manage, and provide easy access to digital resources for students. K-12
MDTP MDTP is a formative assessment that promotes student readiness and success.


MyMath  MyMath  is the online content for the math textbook in grades K-2. Math
My School Bucks My School Bucks allows parents to manage an online account for student school meals, after-school programs, bus passes, athletic fees and more. K-12
Multiple Measures Multiple Measures provides assessment reporting and data visualization services K-12
Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test is adminstered to avaluate the general, non-verbal ability of all third-grade students as part of the GATE program identification process. 3

Naviance is the college and career readiness software. Through Naviance, counselors help guide students in exploring career and college options and the path to achieving these goals. Naviance is also a way for counselors to communicate with parents about the process of career and college exploration using a variety of tools.

Nearpod Nearpod is an interactive linear presentation tool. Teachers can insert formative assessments and gather real time feedback on student progress . Students can go on virtual field trips, create drawings, collaborate with peers, investigate 3D models and more, all while the teacher controls the pace and content. K-12
NoodleTools NoodleTools is a product that has Integrated tools for note-taking, outlining, citation, document archiving/annotation, and collaborative research and writing. ELA
Office 365

Office 365 Education is an online suite of Office products. Families of students can also install the local version on up to 5 PCs or Macs (directions).    

Online Learning Exchange Online Learning Exchange provides curriculum and supplementary materials in a variety of subjects. K-12
Otis-Lennon Ability Test The Otis-Lennon Ability Test is an optional test that assesses abilities that relate to success in school. 3-7

OverDrive is an lending platform through which IUSD users can borrow high-interest fiction/non-fiction titles in ebook format.


Parchment provides transcript fulfillment as requested by Current and former IUSD students 


Proquest eLibrary® Curriculum Edition is a digital resource for developing curriculum and a general reference resource. It contains full text articles from journals, magazines, reference texts, video and images and includes two subject-based collections as well: ProQuest® Learning: Literature and History Study Center™.

Q Global Q Global provides a web-based system for administering, scoring, and reporting on many of Pearson's assessments. K-12
Raptor Raptor provides a volunteer and visitor management system for school sites. N/A
Read 180 Universal Read 180 Universal is a reading intervention program available to middle and high school sites.  The program utilizes a blended learning model, incorporating small-group, teacher-led instruction and adaptive technology, to accelerate learning for struggling readers. 7-12
Realize - My Perspectives Realize-My Perspective offers rich and engaging content with embedded assessments in multiple subjects. K-12
Renaissance Learning Renaissance Learning provides valid, reliable computer-adaptive assessments that allow teachers to see what skills students have mastered and what skills students are ready to work on next. K-12
SchoolCity SchoolCity is an online assessment program. K-12

Schoolnet is an online assessment program owned by Pearson and can be used in all subjects.

School Messenger

School Messenger is an emergency notification and community messaging system that provides deliverability of email and phone communications.  Students and parents do not access the site but are contacted by the school with this system.

Scott Foresman Scott Foresman is the online content for the social studies textbook in grades K-5 Social Studies
Springboard Springboard is a publisher with online Math and English Language Arts textbook and curriculum. Math
Studies Weekly Studies Weekly provides textbooks and online resources.

History Social Science


StudySync StudySync is the online content for the ELA textbook in grades 6-8.  Students can access this through the ConnectED link in Canvas. 6-8
Titan School Solutions Titan School Solutions is a nutrition management solution. K-12

Turnitin is an originality checking and plagiarism prevention service.

Twig Education Twig Education provides science curriculum. K-12
Typing Agent

Typing Agent is a web-based keyboarding application that students can use for learning and practicing keyboarding skills.