Strategy 4

Provide a robust technology infrastructure, outstanding service, and proactive planning to foster innovation and ensure equity.

Why it Matters

Teachers and students depend on our technology infrastructure to enrich learning.  Our network instantly connects them to vast educational resources. Reliable technology and responsive support provide the foundation for students to engage in research, real-world problem solving, collaborative projects, and limitless educational opportunities. 

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IUSD provides $750,000 annually to augment school site budgets to purchase and keep technology up-to-date.   Each school’s allocation is determined by school enrollment and an equity adjustment designed to help all schools create and sustain a strong technology program. 

Measure E and FacilitieS

IUSD Facilities and IT teams work together to create innovative, technology-rich learning environments for students.   Measure E was passed by Irvine voters in June 2018 to ensure all students, not just those in newer neighborhoods, have access to modern facilities and technology to support our high academic standards and prepare students for college and career.   Learn more about IUSD Facilities

Infrastructure Upgrades

IUSD has invested more than $14 million to complete comprehensive technology infrastructure upgrades at all of our school sites.  As a result of these investments, IUSD students and staff can access technology from anywhere on campus. As part of these infrastructure upgrades, IUSD installed 3.6 million feet of cable and added over 4,000  network switches and wireless access points. We are continuously improving our technology infrastructure to increase capacity, enhance online safety and security, and enable new learning opportunities for students.


Through LCAP investments, IUSD has grown the on-site technical support available to teachers and students.  Each high school has a dedicated, full-time technician on campus. Elementary schools and middle schools share a technician with 1-2 other sites.   These onsite technicians help with technology purchasing, setup, maintenance, and proactive support.


IUSD operates a centralized Help Desk to assist staff, students and parents with technology questions.  Each year, the Help Desk resolves about 30,000 tickets. Most Help Desk tickets are resolved the same day they are submitted.   Our Help Desk also features over 400 on-demand tutorials.


IUSD is committed to protecting our staff and student’s privacy. Our IT Team follows best practices for securing data and sharing student information only with individuals directly supporting our students.  IUSD holds our contractors and technology providers to a high standard when it comes to data privacy. IT staff actively monitor the security of our systems and provide ongoing training for our teachers and staff members. 

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Research demonstrates that “just in time” technology support contributes to transformative instruction by reducing fears associated with loss of instructional time. 

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For more information about our Strategy 4 efforts, or for any technology questions, please contact our Help Desk.