Student Records & Transcripts

how to request transcripts

Please visit your school's Transcript web page, or contact your school's Registrar.

board policy

student records Request

For records requests, please contact the last known IUSD school of attendance.  Student records are maintained by the school sites.

For education verification, please contact the school directly.



An official transcript is stamped with a raised seal and signed. It is an official copy of a student′s academic history. The transcript is considered “unofficial” when the seal on the envelope is broken.

As of January 2005, Educational Testing Service (ETS) - GED Records Center handles all requests for duplicate records in California. Visit the GED website for more information and request your transcript or call toll-free to 866-370-4740.

The Irvine Unified School District supports students who wish to identify by a name and/or gender other than their legal name/gender at school. Students who wish to use a name and gender that is different from their legal name and gender as it appears on their registration documents may do so for internal school documents (e.g., class and athletic team rosters, student identification cards, progress grade reports, and yearbook), preferably with the consent of the student’s parent/guardian. The student’s legal name and gender as it appears on registration documents will be maintained as part of the student’s permanent record (5 C.C.R. § 432(b)(1)(A), (B), D). For more information about the process for making this change request, please contact your School Counselor or School Administrator.

The Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) maintains official transcripts as the permanent record of enrollment, coursework, and graduation for students. Official student records, including transcripts, must have a student’s legal name unless or until changed through the applicable legal procedures. If you have had a Legal Name Change, please email your request and send a copy of your properly issued court order, or other government issued documentation, to