Annual Residency Verification

IUSD is updating our district practice for the annual residency verification process. In an effort to honor parent and staff time, we will be using the latest technology to verify residency by working with a third party software service.

The software will allow staff to conduct electronic residency verification for the district. The intent of the software is to:

  1. Significantly reduce parent time needed to satisfy annual residence verification.
  2. Significantly decrease staff time taken for the annual residency verification process.
  3. Conduct residence verification in an efficient manner.

Electronic Residence Verification (ERV) is a newer technology that has been proven to be highly successful; we will be using this technology service for the annual residence verification process starting February 13, 2020. Electronic Residence Verification process will provide residence verification for approximately 80%-90% of IUSD families. This will leave approximately 10%-20% of families that will need to provide site staff with standard residence verification documents for a manual review.

If you would like more information on electronic residence verification, please review our FAQ sheet here. After reviewing the FAQ, if you have additional questions, you can contact