BOARD POLICY -  1312.1

The Board of Education encourages early, informal resolution of complaints at the school site level whenever possible. However, it recognizes that there are occasions when a more formal process is necessary. Still, even in those circumstances, the Board strongly believes that the majority of parent/guardian general complaints are most successfully addressed by site-level school staff members and administrators.

The Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent of the District to prepare written procedures, via administrative regulation, whereby parents or guardians of currently enrolled students may present a formal written complaint against any District employee, or with respect to any District program, practice, policy, or procedure.

The General Complaint Policy is applicable to any issue or complaint that falls outside the parameters of the District's Uniform Complaint Policy (Board Policy: 1312.2) or Alternative Uniform Complaint Policy (Board Policy: 1312.3). Copies of these policies are available online at or through the District Administrative Offices.

Policy Adopted: December 6, 2011

Procedural Guidelines
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Administrative Regulation