Educational Facilities Planning is a complex structure of interrelated issues, needs, priorities, and functions. Contemporary planning issues include new technologies, social and behavioral sciences, humanistics, futuristics, environmental concerns, energy conservation, and change of emphasis on aspects of the educational program. The challenge in planning is to respond to current programmatic needs and at the same time to ensure that the facilities are flexible enough to accommodate future programs.

Architectural plans for school facilities shall be based on a set of educational specifications. The educational specifications shall describe the spatial relationships, requirements, and accommodations necessary to support the learning activities anticipated to take place in any given space. The educational specifications shall reflect consideration of the constraints of allowable costs and allowable building areas.

Policy 7110.1 Adopted: March 27, 1974
Policy 7113 Revised: February 5, 1985
Both Policies Combined/Revised as 7110.1: April 6, 2004

Administrative Regulation 7110.1: Adding to Existing or Placing New Structures at District Sites
Administrative Regulation 7114.1: Electronic Marquee Devices