Planning for Summer Break

Irvine Summer Programs

After a long school year, children can certainly benefit from rest and relaxation. Equally important is maintaining social connections and engaging in enriching activities. The Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF) and the City of Irvine offer affordable and high-quality programs that allow Irvine students to stay connected to others and keep their minds active.

Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF)

With over 400+ classes to choose from, students can dive into passions, explore new interests and gear up for the next school year. Age-appropriate classes are offered for students in all grade levels in different sessions throughout the summer.  

  • Students in elementary school can take grade-specific prep classes or fun enrichment classes.
  • Middle school classes are designed to make it possible for students to receive the intellectual and social engagement that is crucial for middle schoolers.
  • High school students can get a jump-start on math for the coming year, prepare for ACT and SAT, or explore interest-based classes to develop real-world skills.

Registration is now open.

City of Irvine

The City of Irvine offers summer camps for students ages 4-17 running from June 10 to August 16. Children have the option to join camps related to cooking and culinary; crafts and art; dance, music, and drama; education; social and recreational; sports and teen activities. Registration is now open.


There are many seasonal job opportunities available for high schoolers aged 16 and above. Whether it's gaining hands-on work experience, developing essential skills or simply earning a bit of extra income, these opportunities provide a stepping stone towards a bright future.


Positions Available 

More Information/Application

Woodbridge Village Association

Lifeguards, Swim Instructors, Camp Counselors, Gate Guards, Facility Inspectors


City of Laguna Beach



Kumon Lake Forest - North

Center Assistant

More Information

Wild Rivers

Concessions, Guest Services, Camp Assistant, Lifeguard and more!


For additional opportunities or more information, please reach out to your school College and Career Specialist. 

While IUSD staff will also enjoy some much-deserved time off, we will be working throughout the summer to prepare for the next school year. Staff will share helpful information and resources on our website, so please continue to visit and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and X to stay connected to IUSD this summer.