May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and IUSD joins millions throughout the nation to raise awareness about this important topic. 

As part of our commitment to developing well-rounded students, we know that positive mental health and wellness are essential components to lifelong success and happiness. Therefore, IUSD takes a comprehensive approach, focusing our mental health and wellness efforts on both proactive and responsive programs, initiatives and supports for students. Through our work, we strive to help students cultivate the skills necessary to meet academic and personal challenges with perseverance, resiliency and adaptability, while in times of adversity helping students to seek and access supports and services when needed. 

Throughout May, IUSD and our schools will share information, reinforcing this comprehensive approach to mental health and wellness. Specifically, on our campuses, students will engage in a variety of fun activities around mental health to encourage discussions, while creating positive connections, learning about self-care tips, and how to access IUSD resources and supports.  

As our partners, we encourage families to take a moment to learn more about IUSD resources and our dedicated team of people supporting students by visiting our Mental Health and Wellness and Counseling web pages.

We want our students and families to know that you are not alone, your voice matters and we are here to help because we care, so please reach out when needed.