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Welcome to the IUSD web page tailored to African American/Black parents and their students! The goal of this page is to provide information that is culturally relatable and responsive to the unique needs of this population. We want African American/Black parents and students to feel welcome, heard, and understood. We also want to foster empowerment through skill acquisition, providing information and resources geared towards academic success. Key strategies that we would like to put into motion when engaging African American/Black families at IUSD will include

  • Exercising cultural humility and providing culturally responsive parent education and training.
  • Engaging in ways that are meaningful and meets parents’ and students’ needs.
  • Making concentrated efforts to building relationships.
  • Advocating for parents’ and students’ needs and concerns.

Stay tuned because there is more to come. In the meantime, below are linkages to helpful information and resources to help you stay in the know about the African American/Black community at IUSD. This information will be updated regularly.

The next African American/Black Parent Community Meetings will be held on

November 29, 2022, from 5-6 pm at the new Parent Center (155 Visions, Bldg. 2 Room 201).

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Population Snap Shot

Demographics about African Americans/Blacks according to the U.S.
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Community Relevant Resources and Information


Prevention and Intervention

The Prevention and Intervention department provides social-emotional and behavioral suppo

Advanced Learning and Differentiation

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McKinney-Vento & Foster Youth

mckinney-vento All school-aged homeless children are entitled to the same free and appr
High School Students

Parent Workshops

Presentation & Community Meeting Slides