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Measure E was passed by Irvine voters in June 2016 to ensure all students, not just those in newer neighborhoods, have access to modern learning environments and technology to support IUSD’s high academic standards and to prepare students for 21st century college and career.

Measure E will provide a maximum available bond issuance of $319 million for facilities improvements at 28 of the District’s aging schools, including Irvine High School. Funding is currently planned to be issued in four series over 12 years, with construction anticipated over the next 15 years, which will enable IUSD to efficiently and effectively manage complex projects and resources. Funding for first series projects will be up to $95 million.

What this means for Irvine High School is exciting – during this Series 1, we are scheduled to receive modernizations of two classroom buildings over 25 years of age, among other code related upgrades. 

Although we are in the early planning stages and the details have not been finalized, Irvine High School leadership and IUSD are committed to keeping our school community updated at every step of the project. Please check back regularly for Irvine High School Measure E updates, news and scheduled projects. For general Measure E information or information about the Citizens Oversight Committee, visit


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